Robert Green Ingersoll: The Great Agnostic

1STAR-C.ZIP Closing address in the first Star Route trial.
2STAR-C1.ZIP Closing address to the jury, 2nd Star Route trial. [1/3]
2STAR-C2.ZIP Closing address to the jury, 2nd Star Route trial. [2/3]
2STAR-C3.ZIP Closing address to the jury, 2nd Star Route trial. [3/3]
2STAR-OP.ZIP Opening address in the second Star Route trial.
ABBOTT.ZIP Reply to Dr. Lyman Abbott and Archdeacon Farrar.

This unfinished article was written as a reply to the Rev. Lyman Abbott's article entitled, "Flaws in 'Ingersollism,'" which was printed in the April 1890 of the North American Review.

Also includes A REPLY TO ARCHDEACON FARRAR: a fragment (found among Col. Ingersoll's papers) of an outline of a contemplated answer to Archdeacon Farrar's article in the North American Review, May, 1890, entitled: "A Few Words on Col. Ingersoll."

ACTORS.ZIP Three short addresses to the Actors' Fund of America.
AGNOSTCH.ZIP Four short addresses to the Actor's Fund of America.
AGNOSTIC.ZIP Lecture on "Why I Am an Agnostic"
AVARICE.ZIP Ingersoll answers the charge that America is morally bankrupt.
BEECHER.ZIP Four short after-dinner speeches.
BELIEF.ZIP Three short but interesting pieces.
BIBLE.ZIP Great Freethought lecture on the Bible.
BIOG.ZIP Ingersoll. A biographical appreciation by Herman E. Kittredge 1911
BLASPHEM.ZIP A grand plea for freedom of speech in America.
BROOK.ZIP Excellent speech given in Brooklyn in 1880.
BROOKLYN.ZIP An amusing reply to Brooklyn preachers. 1883
BURNS.ZIP A tribute to Robert Burns (poet).
CARPENT.ZIP Four good equal rights pieces.
CATECHIS.ZIP The Talmagian Catechism
CATHOL.ZIP A reply to the Cincinnati Gazette and Catholic Telegraph.
CENTEN.ZIP Centennial Oration, Organized Charities, & Bigotry of Colleges.
CHICAGO.ZIP Three files including the famous Chicago speech of 1876.
CHICBIB.ZIP My Chicago bible class -- Chicago Times, 1879.
CHR-1.ZIP The Christian religion (The Ingersoll -- Black debate).
CHR-2.ZIP Black's reply to Ingersoll's first essay.
CHR-3.ZIP Ingersoll's reply to Black's argument.
CHRISTMA.ZIP A Christmas sermon -- Evening Telegram, Dec. 19, 1891.
CIVILRIG.ZIP Civil Rights. Ingersoll was an advocate for equal rights.
COMEGYS.ZIP An interview on Chief Justice Comegys.
CREEDS.ZIP Four interesting, short essays that are fine reading.
DAVISWIL.ZIP Address to the jury in the Davis will case.
DECDAY.ZIP Decoration Day oration -- 1882 & 1888.
DEVIL.ZIP The Devil. If the Devil should die, would God make another?
DIDEROT.ZIP Diderot. Doubt is the first step toward truth.
DIVIDED.ZIP Two interesting short essays about faith and the bible.
DIVORCE.ZIP Is Divorce Wrong? Three views on divorce from 1889.
EBON.ZIP A touching oration at his brother's funeral.
A Tribute To Ebon C. Ingersoll.
A Tribute To Thomas Corwin.
A Tribute To Courtlandt Palmer.
A Tribute To Roscoe Conkling.
EIGHTHRS.ZIP Three interesting, short pieces.
ERNESTR.ZIP Five short essays.
FAITH.ZIP The foundations of faith. Great lecture.
FARMING.ZIP About farming in Illinois.
FIE-ING1.ZIP Dr. Henry M. Field and Ingersoll debate. [1/4]
FIE-ING2.ZIP Dr. Henry M. Field and Ingersoll debate. [2/4]
FIE-ING3.ZIP Dr. Henry M. Field and Ingersoll debate. [3/4]
FIE-ING4.ZIP Dr. Henry M. Field and Ingersoll debate. [4/4]
FIFTH.ZIP 5th response to Rev. Talmage.
FIRST.ZIP 1st response to Rev. Talmage.
FORWARD.ZIP Forward to the Dresden Edition by the Ingersoll League.
FOURTH.ZIP 4th response to Rev. Talmage.
FRAGMENT.ZIP A collection of short or partial works by Ingersoll.
FREETHOU.ZIP Three short, good works.
GHOSTS.ZIP The Ghosts. Another of Ingersoll's great lectures.
GL-ING1.ZIP Debate between W.E. Gladstone and Ingersoll. [1/2]
GL-ING2.ZIP Ingersoll's reply to W.E. Gladstone. [2/2]
GODS.ZIP The Gods. An honest God is the noblest work of man.
GOLDSPE.ZIP The Chicago and New York gold speech. (political)
HER&HER.ZIP Heretics and heresies.
HOLYOAKE.ZIP Six short pieces.
HUMBOLDT.ZIP The universe is governed by law. Early freethought speech.
HUXLEY&A.ZIP Three short, interesting essays.
INDIANAP.ZIP Reply to the Indianapolis clergy.
INDIVID.ZIP Individuality.
INDYSPEA.ZIP Indianapolis speech and eight to seven address.
INFIDELS.ZIP The great infidels. Terrific freethought lecture.
INFIDON.ZIP Four short, fine works.
INTERROG.ZIP Some interrogation points & 20th anniv. Lotus Club dinner.
INTERV-1.ZIP These five files contain several interviews. [1/5]
INTERV-2.ZIP These interviews were published in newspapers. [2/5]
INTERV-3.ZIP Newspapers all across the country printed these. [3/5]
INTERV-4.ZIP Theseshow Ingersoll's quick wit and ready answers. [4/5]
INTERV-5.ZIP Great newspaper interviews. [5/5]
INTIMATE.ZIP Complete biography of Ingersoll by his private secretary.
LAYSER.ZIP A lay sermon. A short freethought lecture.
LIBERALL.ZIP Eight short works to be read and enjoyed.
LINCOLN2.ZIP A wonderful tribute to Abraham Lincoln.
LITER.ZIP Liberty in literature.
MAN-WO&C.ZIP The liberty of Man, Woman, and Child.
MIRACLE.ZIP Myth and miracle. A great freethought lecture.
MODTHINK.ZIP Two essays that are worth anyone's time.
MOSES.ZIP Some Mistakes of Moses. Devastating freethought lecture.
NEGROPEO.ZIP 3 lectures that show Ingersoll's love of humanity.
NEWYORK.ZIP Four speeches by Ingersoll.
OBSCENEL.ZIP Four lectures by Ingersoll.
ORTHOD.ZIP Orthodoxy. One of Ingersoll's greatest freethought lectures.
PAINE2.ZIP Ingersoll speaks of America's greatest founding father.
PRESS.ZIP Two addresses by Ingersoll.
PROGRESS.ZIP Progress. This is the first lecture delivered by Ingersoll.
PROPH.ZIP Seven good pieces by Ingersoll.
PUNISH.ZIP Is corporal punishment degrading? (unfinished work)
RATIFIC.ZIP Two speeches by Ingersoll.
REFORM.ZIP How to reform mankind. There is no darkness but ignorance.
REPLY.ZIP Four replies to religous people or groups.
REUNION.ZIP Three pieces by Ingersoll.
REVIEW.ZIP My reviewers reviewed.
ROLLINS.ZIP Two pieces by Ingersoll.
ROME-1.ZIP Rome or reason. Part one by Cardinal Manning. [1/2]
ROME-2.ZIP Rome or reason. A reply to Cardinal Manning. [2/2]
SAVED.ZIP What must we do to be saved? Great freethought!
SECOND.ZIP 2nd response to Rev. Talmage.
SHAKESPR.ZIP William Shakespeare was the greatest genius of our world.
SIXTH.ZIP 6th response to Rev. Talmage.
SPATIND.ZIP Two pieces by Ingersoll.
SUFFRAGE.ZIP Sufferage address & The three philanthropists.
SUICIDE.ZIP Five pieces on suicide.
SUPERST.ZIP Superstition. Another great freethought lecture.
THANKS.ZIP A Thanksgiving sermon.
THIRD.ZIP 3rd response to Rev. Talmage.
TOLERAT.ZIP Discussion between F.R. Coudert, S.L. Woodford and Ingersoll.
TOLSTOY.ZIP Tolstoy and "The Kreutzer Sonata" & Spain and the Spaniard.
TOMPAINE.ZIP Four good pieces by Ingersoll.
TRUTH.ZIP The Truth. A great freethought lecture.
VINPAINE.ZIP Vindication of Thomas Paine.
WALLST.ZIP Four pieces by Ingersoll.
WHAT-IS.ZIP What is religion? Ingersoll's last public address.
WHICH.ZIP Which way? Another great freethought lecture.
WHY.ZIP Some reasons why. Perhaps his greatest freethought lecture.
WHYAMAGN.ZIP Why am I an agnostic?
WOODGOD.ZIP A wooden god.

"At the bottom of religious persecution is the doctrine of self-defence; that is to say, the defence of the soul. If the founder of Christianity had plainly said: 'It is not necessary to believe in order to be saved; it is only necessary to do, and he who really loves his fellow-men, who is kind, honest, just and charitable, is to be forever blest' -- if he had only said that, there would probably have been but little persecution.

"If he had added to this: 'You must not persecute in my name. The religion I teach is the Religion of Love -- not the Religion of Force and Hatred. You must not imprison your fellow-men. You must not stretch them upon racks, or crush their bones in iron boots. You must not flay them alive. You must not cut off their eyelids, or pour molten lead into their ears. You must treat all with absolute kindness. If you cannot convert your neighbor by example, persuasion, argument, that is the end. You must never resort to force, and, whether he believes as you do or not, treat him always with kindness' -- his followers then would not have murdered their fellows in his name.

"If Christ was in fact God, he knew the persecutions that would be carried on in his name; he knew the millions that would suffer death through torture; and yet he died without saying one word to prevent what he must have known, if he were God, would happen." --- A Christmas Sermon, by Robert Green Ingersol