RELIGCON.ZIP "The Story of Religious Controversy" All 32 chapters and intro. The Chapters:

The Revolt Against Religion
The Origin of Religion
A Few of the World's Great Religions
The Myth of Immortality
The Futility of Belief in God
The Human Origin of Morals
The Forgery of the Old Testament
Did Jesus Ever Live?
Religion and Morals in Ancient Babylon
Religion and Morals in Ancient Egypt
Pagan Christs Before Jesus
Life and Morals in Greece and Rome
Legends of Saints & Martyrs
Phallic Elements in Religion
How Christianity "Triumphed"
The Sources of Christian Morality
The Degradation of Woman
The Evolution of Christian Doctrine
Christianity and Slavery
The Church and the School
The Dark Ages
New Light on Witchcraft
The Horrors of the Inquisition
Medieval Art and the Church
The Jesuits: Religious Rogues
The Moorish Civilization in Spain
Do We Need Religion?
The Renaissance: A European Awakening
The Triumph of Materialism.
The Reformation and Protestant Reaction
The Truth About Galileo and Medieval Science
The Conflict Between Science and Religion