MEXICO.ZIP "The Conflict Between the Civil Power and the Clergy"
HUMANIST.ZIP A collection of files from American Humanist Association.
DESCENT.ZIP _Descent of Man_ by Darwin
ORIGIN.ZIP _Origin of Species_ by Darwin
FAITH.FLY The difference between blind and reasoned faith.
FRANKLN.ZIP Autobiography of Ben Franklin
COMSN10.ZIP _Common Sense_ by Thomas Paine
BRUNO.ZIP John J. Kessler: "Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher"
OUTCAST.ZIP Winwood Reade: "The Outcast"
DARROW1.ZIP FACING LIFE FEARLESSLY. The Pessimistic Versus the Optimistic View of life by Clarence Darrow
FORG1.ZIP Joseph Wheless: "Pagan Frauds---Christian Precedents"
FORG2.ZIP Joseph Wheless: "Hebrew Holy Forgeries"
JESUSALL.ZIP M. M. Mangasarian: "The Truth About Jesus: Is He a Myth?"
LBB_1637.ZIP Little Blue Book #1637-"Absurdities of the Bible" by Clarence Darrow.
LBB_1329.ZIP Little Blue Book #1329-"Facing Life Fearlessly
BOOKS.ZIP Several "Little Blue Books", plus Darrow, more
BRADLOUG.ZIP Pamphlets and essays by Charles Bradlough
DUGL210.ZIP Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass, author of many works on the escape from slavery around the time of the Civil War. Jan 94 Project Gutenberg release.
FORGERY.ZIP "Forgery in Christianity" by Joseph Wheless
LUCIFER.ZIP Lucifer's Echo, secular humanist/freethinker zine
PAMPS.ZIP Various freethought pamphlets
PROFREL.ZIP "The Profits of Religion" by Upton Sinclair
RECEPTUS.ZIP "Facts About the So-Called Textus Receptus" by Dr. Allan McRae and Dr. Robert C. Newman. Bible controversy.
JEFFVRIT.ZIP Thomas Jefferson vs. the religious Right of his time -- those who wanted to Christianize the US are much like those who want to do it now
NOSAVIOR.ZIP Internetter answers the question of why he can't accept Jesus as his lord and savior (biblical contradictions, errors, etc.)
EVIL.ZIP AN ENDURING EVIL, written by William Henry Hoffman