By: Alec Grynspan
To: Laurie Appleton

You still don't have a valid response and merely ground-shift all over the place!


Since the theory of evolution has held its own thru all of your efforts and you refuse to present any *SCIENTIFIC* theory of Creation, your own "no other alternative" makes your case vanish.

The best that you have come up with is non-scientific and pseudo-scientific attacks on evolution theory, physics, chemistry, geology, biology and just about every other science.

In fact, you have actually lied and presented selectively tailored quotations from material that actually refutes you.

Yet you have not presented a single scientific theorem to bolster your claim to scientific validity.

You said that we had to provide you with "the" scientific theory of evolution first, which is nonsense, since there are several overlapping theories to explain the facts of evolution.

But I provided you with one and the ground rules for a scientific theory.

And still nada from you.

2. Why do you claim to have won Open, Public, Scientific debates, yet have no evidence to back you up? In fact, the scientists that you claim are backing you up are saying the opposite, once we see the actual statements and not your Out Of Context, selectively edited quotations.

Why can't you produce a single such debate that Creationism won?

3. Show us one case of a scientific paper on Creationism that was refused by a mainstream journal for content.

Like crackpots everywhere, you accuse "the establishment" of suppression, repression, persecution and what-not. You claim conspiracy and deliberate evil intent.

Yet you seem unable to provide any evidence to fit your claims!

4. Show us a single cace of any evolutionary theory that requires blind chance alone to provide the evolutionary mechanism or the origin of life.

You claim that probability supports you here, but refuse to back this up with data.

5. Why do you avoid the data?

Why do you, essentially, stick your fingers in your ears, close your eyes and yell "NOT SO!! NOT SO!!"

You have been presented with megabytes of data. You constantly claim to have not seen what was placed in front of you.

You have accused people of conspiracy to suppress material that you never present. Yet you have volitionally suppressed material that has been presented to you.

When backed into a corner, all you do is make personal accusations and insults. You were thrown off more than one echo for doing that already.

6. Why do you hide behind lies, Laurie?

All of your claims are mere repetions of debunked material, out of context quotes, distortions of terminology or just plain strawmen. A good number of these can be found at


The few times that you have not quoted out of context with the original source, you have quoted out of context with the argument - to the point of selecting material that contradicts your claims. That you are so ignorant that you would use such material shows the bankruptcy of your position.

You constantly define and redefine evolution so as to raise strawman arguments, because you have no other. All of your purported evidence against evolution fails, because it fails the litmus of scientific evidence. As an example: You bring forth diatribe after diatribe showing that evolution could not take place because life could not have formed by random chance, yet nowhere in evolutionary theory is this present. You evade the challenge to show where this nonsense came from.

You try to demonize evolution and anyone challenging you by deliberately placing all non-creationists in the same position of being evolutionists - even though creationism is a cult and evolution is a science that only some scientists are involved with.

Your rants and evasions notwithstanding, you have said nothing here except to admit, yet again, that Creationism is nothing but a religious cult. You provide no scientific evidence, no data and resort to every childish tactic possible each time you are proven wrong, which happens on virtually every message that you send. You show that, at your very best, you are little more than a liar - trying desperately to deny reality.

The more that you are challenged with actual scientific rebuttal and demands for actual evidence, the more likely that you will resort to nonsense conspiracy theories, personal attacks or denying that evolution is both fact and theory. It becomes obvious when you know that you have really lost, because you will resort to name-calling of the lowest order and even outright evasion of the material presented by trying to brush it aside.

Whatever you present is useless and nonsense until such time as you provide scientific evidence supporting Creationism and a scientific theory to bind the evidence together. Until then you have said nothing at all and are permanently debunked.