Darwin's Black Box. Scientific American, Jamuary 1997

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Chalenge to Evolution by Michael J. Behe, Free Press, 1996 ($ 25.00)

The earliest stages in the history of life -- including its origin and the development of the basic biochemical pathways -- are shrouded in mystery.

Michael J. Behe holds that evolutionary theory will never solve the mystery, because some of the components are "irreducibly complex" and so much be the product of "intelligent design" -- maybe God's (sic) maybe not.

It is an old arguement, both arrogant and deeply unsatisfying. Theologians as well as scientists might blanch at the notion that we owe our inner workings to an ambiguous designer who controlled only those aspects of evolution that Behe deems inexplicable.

- Scientific American, Jamuary 1997