More ICR Lies

By Larry Sites

Well the ICR is STILL actively lying. When I was at the ICR, I picked up the September copy of Acts & Facts. On page 6 is the radio log for their program Science, Scripture, and Salvation. On sept. 11 and 18, Duane Gish is listed as presenting a 2 part program about Missing Links. I called the ICR at 619-448-0900 to find out when the program would be on in San Diego.

Today, Sept. 11, 1993 at 4:30 pm, I, Larry Sites listened to the program on KECR FM 93.3. Duane Gish talked for about 10 minutes about how the "Missing Links" between humans and their ancestors are still missing. He said it was all documented in his book, "Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record".

After Gish finished, the announcer came on to say the talk would continue on Sept 18. Then, guess what? He says that Gish is also the author of a tract against evolution. Just for listening in, the hearers can get a copy by writing the ICR, PO Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021. The name of the tract is "Have you been Brainwashed?".

That's right! The same tract, I purchased last week at the ICR. The same tract that claims human and dinosaur footprints together at the Paluxy River site; that claims the precambrian is void of fossils; that claims "billions of highly complex animals...just suddenly appear, with no signs of gradual development from lower forms." The same tract that in the March 18, 1988 debate between Ian Plimer and Duane Gish, Gish said that "Now, since that time, ... there are many published reports of micro-fossils in precambrian rocks. I discussed all of them in my book, "Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Record," which was published two years ago."

Not only have they not corrected it, the ICR is ACTIVELY promoting it. Prove it for yourself. Write for your copy. Call and find out when the second program is on in your area. See if they promote it on the Sept 18 show. Then ask yourself if this is a "scientific" organization. Is it interested in the free exchange of truth. Or is it lying?!

Peace, Larry