ABA Journal Oct. 1992 issue, concerning abortion. Address

From:    Linda Thompson
Subject: Please send letters of support!

The American Bar Association took an official pro-choice stance last month.
It also presented an award to Anita Hill.

According to the ABA Journal Oct. 1992 issue:

	  "At press time, according to the ABA Membership Department, 844 had
resigned from the association citing the position taken by the House of
Delegates on the abortion issue; four had joined the association because of
the ABA abortion position,; and citing the Anita Hill award, 23 also had
	  "So far, the Journal has received 51 letters critical of the
association's abortion position and 2 in favor of it."

Well, I sent my letter off and I hope you will, too.  This will create a
lasting scar on the ABA, losing that many memberships in one fell swoop and
we want them to continue to have the correction of correct convictions
despite monetary pressure.

It only takes a second to write "RE: House of Delegate's Position on
Abortion:  Keep up the good work!!" and sign your name and address.

The address is:

American Bar Association Journal
750 N. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL  60611