FEMINISM's mathew on never being alive

M> "A typically mush-brained anti-abortionist argument. Being killed
M> is completely different to never having been born; otherwise you kill
M> millions of people every time you masturbate.

> I disagree. The point was that non-existence is better than living a
> certain quality of life. So, why not end the existences of those who
> are living these terrible lives, if non-existence is better?

M> Because ending something is not the same as not having started it in
M> the first place. For example, ending a nuclear war (via massive
M> retaliation) is not at all the same as not starting one in the
M> first place, morally speaking.

M> So the answer to "If it's OK to cause a potential person never to
M> exist, why isn't it OK to cause an existing person to cease
M> existing?" is simple; "causing a person to never have existed"
M> is not the same as "causing a person to cease existing". Hence
M> my original comment.

M> mathew

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women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft,
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