From The Commercial Appeal, 7/13/93, Randal Terry's flood

From The Commercial Appeal, 7/13/93

Jackson, Miss. - God will punish Americans for allowing legal
abortions by sending floods, violence, and economic collapse
that will split the nation, Operation Rescue founder Randall
Terry said Monday.

"What God [sic] is about to do to the Earth [sic] is going to be
very turbulent, very frightening," Terry told a crowd of more
than 500 at Cornerstone Church.

Terry visited Jackson on the fourth day of the "Cities of Refuge"
campaign and attracted the largest crowd to date, including some
abortion rights activists who have been working to keep Jackson's
two abortion clinics open.

At a press conference before his speech, Terry said floods like
those along the Mississippi River and riots like those last year
in Los Angeles are the kinds of plagues god will use to punish
sinful Americans. He urged Christians to stand up against the
"pagan elite who think themselves smarter than God [sic]," a
group which he said includes President Clinton and Hillary Rodham

"The challenge incumbent on the Christian community is to take back
the power bases in this country," Terry said. "It's time to get back
to the biblical definition of right and wrong."

The only question, Terry said, is whether groups like Operation
Rescue will be able to stop abortions before the nation splits.

"There are going to be people who clamor for certain states to pull
away and say, 'Look, we want to have our own nation,' " Terry said.
"We're sick of having our tax money paying for homosexual pornography.
We're sick of child killing. We're sick of the sodomites running the
agenda in the public education arean. We want out.'

"Maybe the home of the mighty, muddy Mississippi would be one of
those states."

Cornerstone is housed in a renovated store in a shopping center a
few miles from the Mississippi Women's Medical Clinic. More than 500
people sat in rows of chairs surrounding a raised platform. In the
hour before Terry began speaking, the gathering resembled a revival,
with singing, praying, and dancing in the aisles.

"On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand," the crowd sang, swaying slowly in
time with the chorus.

Earlier in the day, Operation Rescue supporters had sung the same
hymn outside the abortion clinic, where they were [slightly]
outnumbered by the Pro-Choice Mississippi Coaltion.