FEMINISM echo. ''Love fetuses, but hate people?''

I've often wondered why a significant proportion of the religious
extremists are anti-choice and pro-capitol punishment.  I've come
up with 2 theories:

1.  The people are into "sin and punishment".  This makes anti-choice
and capitol punishment consistent.  You're punished for your sins - be
it sex or murder.

2.  The extremist religious right seem to love fetuses, but hate people.
Fetuses are innocent, but once they are born, into the slums, on welfare,
well, then they are hated.  Ever hear the phrase "The last time someone
ever cared whether I lived or died was when I was a fetus"?

I only hope that moderate thinking will prevail.  It's not a black and
white world (no racism intended -- I could also say it's not a digital
world), and there are no digital solutions.

What also irks me is people who say prayer should be allowed in schools.
And, it's continued with "What's wrong with the Lord's Prayer?"  My
answer to this has always been, "Well, if prayer should be permitted,
then you'd be perfectly happy to have a Buddhist prayer."

The inconsistency is people who think that their beliefs, their religion,
their goals, are RIGHT.  This can either be given to them by some authority
(their interpretation of the Bible, talking to God, talking to little
green men, etc.), but whatever the case, to hold yourself above others,
based on some arbitrary or absolute authority, is not beneficial to
society.  Nobody *knows* any answer.