''Roman Catholic Church and its sects are in the driver's seat

Christopher Baker
"Roman Catholic Church and its sects are in the driver's seat
(at least in Louisiana)."

The religiously driven effort to sanctify paternalism and keep women
barefoot and pregnant, i.e. anti-abortion acts, has managed to overcome
a gubernatorial veto and impose the most repressive legislation in the
country [in 60 days from end of session; circa 8 Jul 91] on this front.

In spite of the overwhelming national consensus on favoring the right
of a woman to choose based upon her own conscience, the dog is being
wagged by the fundamentalist tail. with Preacher George espousing his
'sanctity of life' crap and anti-women terrorists practicing their
peculiar brand of intimidation, this trend will continue.

The ACLU has filed for federal injunction of the Louisiana legislation.

Now is the time to become vocal and active against these religious

It CAN happen in your state and it will if you don't do something about
it. stop cowering behind your 'oh, religion is harmless, live and let
live'. it is only harmless when it is practiced inside the tax-free
sanatoriums established for that purpose. when it reaches out to curb
your freedom and your rights, it is NOT harmless! it's bad enough that
it picks your pockets every day by making you pay its taxes.

Don't mistake the intent of the RCC and its tentacles. there is nothing
altruistic or moral about it. the church wants to run your life for you
because you don't have what it takes to make these decisions for yourself.
ask them. they'll tell you.

If you live in Michigan or Louisiana or Utah, you'd better start
complaining at the ballot box. if you live in a state not yet corrupted
by this religious cancer, you'd better make your will known before it
becomes an issue. legislators are spineless in the face of organized
religion since they feel they cannot win or stay in office if they say
god is a crock that should have been outgrown a couple hundred years
ago; like when Gallileo discovered the bible's major error of
terracentrism. [sheesh]

If not you, who? if not now, when? write a letter. make a phone call.
you've got nothing to lose but your free will.