Abortion Foes Test the Limits

From the _Los_Angeles_Times, Thursday, September 30, 1993, pA1

   Abortion Foes Test the Limits

   --> Is the use of even deadly violenc justified? Mainstream
       opponents denounce attacking clinics [and] doctors. But a
       vocal faction says this [violence] is the only effective

   By John Balazar, _Times_ staff writer

      And now this from the _provocateurs_ of the anti-abortion
      John Brockhoeft, serving seven-years in prison for bombing
   a Cincinnati abortion [-providing] clinic, writes in his
      "I had to make sure before I approached the abortuaries[sic]
   at night with gasoline or explosives that I was walking in love,
   not just anger. . . . Left wing, liberal-types hate my guts. . .
   The nice little things about me are all absolutely true: I'm a
   very narrow-minded, intolerant, reactionary, bible-thumping
   Fundamentalist. . . a zealot and a fanatic!. . . The reason the
   United States was once a great nation, besides being blessed by
   god, is because she was founded on truth, justice, and narrow-
      Michael Bray, who served 46 months in prison in connection
   with 10 bombings of abortion [-providing] clinics and offices
   of anortion-rights groups, reports this in his Capitol Area
   Christian News in Washington, D.C.:
      "Grand Rapids, Mich. One week following a stink bomb attack,
   the Planned Barrenhood[sic]* office of this city was sprayed
   with gunfire. About 15 shots from a handgun brought US$20,000
   in damages. Now US$20,000 divided by 15 equals US1,333.33 per
   bullet. A pretty good deal. We commend the stewardship of
      Shelly Shannon, before being charged with shooting and
   wounding Wichita physician George Tiller outside his abortion
   [-providing] clinic, sends a letter to the editor of a monthly
   anti-abortion magazine:
      "Let us pray no one gets hurt, but this is a war and we
   have to be realistic."
      The road has come to a fork in the fight against abortion in
   the United States.
      A powerful and pious logic is [please see ABORTION, A24]**

*  the "[sic]" is in the original article.
** i have searched for the rest of the article and cannot find it.