False accusations of child abuse, by Mike Arst

From:    Mike Arst
Subject: Re: violence against men

> they were making a poster that said "I love Mommy". When I have asked
> that of most people, including me, the answer borders on that there was
> inappropriate behavior by the mans part. Many times men are guilty until
> proven innocent.

Sometimes women, too. A local man and his wife, now in prison, have
spent years and thousands and thousands of dollars fighting a bogus
sex-abuse charge. It began when a daycare worker with a history of
reporting 'sex abuse' told these people's daughter to be more careful
in the bathroom, 'so that people don't see your privates.' The little
girl replied, "My mommy and daddy can see my privates ..."

... and then began this couple's nightmare. The local CPS people went
on the rampage, as did some zealous prosecutors. The man and his wife
have had both of their children taken away from them, and the
children, it seems, have all but forgotten them. During the trial, the
story goes that the prosecution was not able to prove any physical
evidence of abuse; medical experts for the defense were either not
able to examine the child, or else it was that their testimony was not
deemed admissable. I'm not sure which.

So, the couple lost their last appeal and are now in prison. The
"hero" of the story, the daycare worker with a history of reporting
"abuse," got her reward in the form of opening her own day care

I do not know this man and his wife. I do, however, know two men
recently accused falsely of abuse - one of a child, the other of his
ex-girlfriend. In the latter case, the woman is completely 'round the
bend. She too has a history of reporting 'abuse.' In this instance it
was such a big deal to her to get this guy, she was happy to perjure
herself in court about it. She lied again to the cops later, saying her
ex-boyfriend had violated a restraining order - she, a social worker,
is good at working the system and was able to get him busted on a
domestic violence charge even though they had only lived together for a
month, some months ago, and then it was only to provide her with a
place to live because she was between apartments. They had never lived
together formally and had not planned to.

Imagine my friend's surprise to be hauled downtown in handcuffs for an
"abuse" he had not committed. The lies she had told were so horrendous
sounding that, says my friend, you could tell the cops were ready to
knock him from one end of the room to the other if he so much as said
'boo' to them - and this is a very much non-macho kind of person.

My friend got himself one hell of a tough lawyer - a woman - who handed
the accuser a little piece of paper in court. The piece of paper
contained a history of this woman's lies in recent times, along with a
message about what is liable to happen to her, legally, should she try
this again. As she read the paper, says my friend, her hands began to
shake. And she dropped the case INSTANTLY. The game was over - but not
before she'd managed to get my friend busted, and for what? For the
sake of acting our her sick little morality play for her.

It makes a person REAL militant about speaking out angrily against
false abuse charges by people who are, if anything, considerably more
abusive than the people they accuse.