fucking die hard feminists

From:    concerned
To:      All                                    Msg #156, Aug-02-93 12:11AM
Subject: fucking die hard feminists

Hello all you unshaven clit sucking extremists.
Governments, per say facist dictatorships are contrived from the very thing
your mother bore.
     Here's my gripe.....this feminist movement is fine in moderation, that is
to say women are equals.  However there is one hell of an inadequacy, with
women who want the jobs, and money, etc. etc.  Yet still go on to say that men
are brutes the way they treat us.  There's no such thing as romance anymore.
I love it when a man opens the door for me, pays for the movie, protects me!
Fuck off, you can't have the whole spectrum.  And as for those feminists who
resort to hairy bodies and fingering thier friends because we no longer need
men.......May your tongues fall off so your lover leaves you!  Ther's no room
for such pathetic extremists if they are looking for equality.  My ass there
looking for domination of their sex!  Good "fucking" luck.
Finally to all those girls who bitch about the date rape situation.  If the
guy who rapes you does so after you met him in a singles bar or night club,
think about this, the reason people go there is to fuck.  That's right the
places are meat markets! So go find a relationship in a supermarket or laundry
mats where the situation isn't so.

Thank You and good fucking night.

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