Milwaukee Journal, July 13, 1993, anti-choice fines

[Note to Feminist conference. I did NOT type this in. I do not
validate the correctness of this article. -- drice]
From the Milwaukee Journal, July 13, 1993, page B1:

"A law firm hired by the city to collect unpaid property taxes and
court judgements is likely to go after, among others, abortion
protesters who have piled up large debts from multiple arrests at
protests in Milwaukee...When the contract is set, efforts to collect
more than $300,000 in outstanding citations owed by abortion
protesters are expected to begin...Consider the money owed by the
top five debtors from among 38 protesters named in a permanent
injunction filed by the state attorney general's office:

             *Kim Warren         $23,499.66
             *Elizabeth Wagi     $23,079.56
             *Merri Haferman     $21,081.04
             *James Chinavare    $18,646.08
             *Elizabeth Rella    $17,983.88.

"In all, 30 of the 38 protesters named on the injunction owe on
outstanding citations.  Of those, only three owe fines of less
than $1,000.

"If the threat of payment of stiff fines acts as a deterrent, the
city is likely to save in another way.  The cost of last year's
protests in overtime, compensatory time to police officers assigned
to rallies at six clinics totaled $941,032.  In addition, more
than $200,000 was spent on plastic handcuffs and other equipment."