Coeta Mills: stats America's already born children

From Coeta Mills:

Some statistics about America's already born children:

1. How many American children live in poverty?
	* over 12 million

2. How many children are homeless in America right now?
	* Approximately 100,000

3. Are the majority of poor children white or black?
	* White

4. Which of these countries has the highest infant mortality rate:
	Spain, Austria, East Germany, Hong Kong, U.S.?
	* U.S.

5. How many children die everyday because of poverty?
	* 27

6. How many teenagers get pregnant everyday?
	*  2,740

7. How does America assure that all our children are immunized
	against childhood diseases?
	* It doesn't! In 1985, for example, fewer than 80% of
	  America's children 2 yr olds were fully immunized against
	  polio. The rate was lower than in 1980. In 1985, the Reagan
	  Adm. ordered health agencies to stop collecting data on

8. Since 1980, has American increase or decreased assistance to
	poor children?
	* Decreased. Between 1980 and 1988, the federal government cut
	  billions from programs that help poor children and their

9. What is the average welfare payment for a destitute family of
	*  $4.16 per day per person.

When a DC-10 crashed in Iowa last year, killing 111 people, the
tragedy mesmerized America. On that same day, more than 100 American
babies died without reaching their first birthday. But the babies'
deaths weren't headline news: that many babies die every day of the

  Statistics from: Children's Defense Fund
						 P. O. Box 17102
						 Baltimore, MD 21298-9642
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