''Sweater Bumpers'' for tits? Sure!

          The Ultimate in Ladies
                Personal Jewelery.

TIT-LOVERS around the world can rejoice in a new discovery Shirley recently
made in the most unlikely of places, Los Lunas, New Mexico.

While visiting relatives in Albuquerque, she was invited to meet Robert and
Cindy, the inventors of "Sweater Bumpers" which are nipple rings that include
all types of chains and jewelry.  These rings fit over the nipple in a precise
fit and do not require any piercing.  These nipple rings keep nipples in
constant state of erection and make the nipple visible even through a bra.
With a short looping silver or gold chain attached to each nipple ring and
hanging out under the bottom of a half T-shirt, well, it just boggles the
mind.   In addition to being a great piece of teasing jewelry, I can't
describe the fun we had watching three gorgeous ladies trying on the different
styles of rings available.

Robert and Cindy tell us, and we certainly understand it, that they have
received many letters from ladies who, while at first were reluctant, came to
appreciate the excitement it created in their man.  The entire process of
sizing the ladies and then the actual act of wearing them in public, is quite
stimulating to these ladies.

Robert is a pioneer in this field and is very proud of that fact. And well he
should be.

Anyone who can claim responsibility for enhancing a breast is, in my opinion,
a genius. He has devised a clever little tool for sizing a ladies nipple.
That's the first step you take in ordering your own Sweater Bumpers.

By sending $3.00 to Robert & Cindy (address below) you will obtain a catalog,
sizing chart and complete instructions.

This is where the fun begins.

When you receive your sizing guide, the first step is to remove your ladies
bra and stimulate her nipples to an erect state.

Then, by using Robert's handy sizing guide, you can determine the exact size
of her nipples. Then you simply fill out the order blank, using the catalog as
your guide, and send away for her Sweater Bumpers.

For a complete catalog of items available and a "Sweater Bumper" sizing guide
(a very unique tool)

Send Three Dollars ($3.00) to: Sweater Bumpers, POB 1854, Los Lunas, N.M.,