Feds to review child SSI benefits

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	Feds to review child SSI benefits

		  The Social Security Administration has agreed to review the
applications of nearly 450,000 poor children denied disability benefits
since 1980.  The Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI) had set
stricter eligibility rules in 1974 for disabled children than for adults.

		  This inequity was overturned by a Supreme Court ruling last year as
a result of legal action beginning in 1983.  More realistic criteria are
now in effect to consider not only the children's diagnoses, but also the
effect of medical problems on their ability to perform daily activities.

		  However, it was only last week that a federal judge approved a
compromise between the Philadelphia-based lawyers for the children and the
Bush administration regarding retroactive application of the new guidelines
to the thousands refused benefits earlier.

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