Fanatic gloats over harrasing women

01-22-90 12:20:30
  To: ALL
Dr. Dobson's program had an interesting feature on dealing with abortion
factories disguised as clinics.  It seems that most of them advertise free
pregnancy testing to bring women into the clinic.  A group of women somewhere
back east came up very interesting idea.  Houndreds of them went into a clinic
to take advantage of the pregnancy testing.

Since it was advertised and they were female, there was nothing that management
could do to stop the more then 300 women who came in day after day for the
testing.  Further, the women came in groups at differenter time intervals.
This meant that other patients were spaced between them in the lines.

It is legal for the operators of the clinic to evict someone for handing out
tracts or canvassing, but these women were not doing that. They did have
conversation with each other and their conversation was overheard by others,
but that is not illegal.  Some of the other women may have been influence by
what they heard.  Some did start talking with the women in line who concerned
about the moral issues and many were impacted.

Two or three clinics found that they were so successful with there free
pregnancy testing that they could no longer afford to operate their business in
the area.  They were compelled to close down the clinic and move elswhere.
How unfortunate!!!