CoDependency/Dysfunctional families characteristics

           ACOA/Dysfunctional Family Check List

         If you can identify with many of the questions on the following 
list, you may wish to investigate meetings for Children of Dysfunctional 
or Alcoholic/Chemically Dependent Families.

1.  I guess what normal is.

2.  I have difficulty following projects through from beginning to end.

3.  I lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.

4.  I judge myself without mercy.

5.  I have difficulty having fun.

6.  I take myself too seriously.

7.  I have difficulty with intimate relationships.

8.  I overreact to changes over which I have no control.

9.  I feel different from other people.

10. I constantly seek approval and affirmation.

11. I am either super responsible or super irresponsible.

12. I am extremely loyal even in the face of evidence that the loyalty is 

13. I look for immediate as opposed to deferred gratification.

14. I lock myself into a course of action without giving serious 
    consideration to alternate behaviors or possible consequences.

15. I seek tension and crisis and then complain about the results.

16. I avoid conflict or aggravate it; rarely do I deal with it.

17. I fear rejection and abandonment, yet I am rejecting of others.

18. I fear failure, but sabotage my success.

19. I fear criticism and judgement, yet I criticise and judge others.

20. I manage my time poorly and do not set my priorities in a way that   
    works well for me.