Maine Warns Deadbeat Dads

     The article title should have been "Maine Warns Deadbeat
Parents."  The law is appropriately gender neutral.

 | Maine Warns Deadbeat Dads
 |    AUGUSTA, Maine, August 25 (AP) -- Maine's 18,000 "deadbeat
 | dads" were mailed a warning this week from the state
 | Department of Human Services: Pay your child support, or risk
 | losing your licenses to drive, fish or run a business.
 |    The state is beginning a new push to collect child support,
 | backed by recent legislation to track down fathers and
 | threaten them with the loss of a variety of state licenses.
 |    State officials said 18,000 parents are more than 90 days
 | overdue on a total of $150 million in child support payments.
 |    "Maine is only one of seven states that have passed laws to
 | allow the revocation of both drivers' and professional
 | licenses," Gov. John McKernan said at a news conference
 | Tuesday.
 |    Parents who receive the notice this week will have the
 | opportunity to request a hearing to challenge their status.
 |    Licenses to drive, fish, practice law, work as a beautician
 | or in any other state-licensed field are at risk.
 |    "The state's theory is that if they're going to work and
 | the state is going to endorse that work, then the state is
 | also going to make sure that they take care of their
 | families," McKernan said.