WHEN YOU MEET A LESBIAN. Hints for the Heterosexual Woman

From:    Blue Jean
Subject: hints for the heterosexual woman

Found this years ago...and it spoke to me so what does it say to you?

WHEN YOU MEET A LESBIAN * Hints for the Heterosexual Woman *

Do not run screaming from the room ** This is Rude **

If you must back away, do so slowly and with discretion *

Do not assume she is attracted to you *

Do not assume she is not attracted to you *

Do not assume you are not attracted to her *

Do not expect her to be as excited about meeting a heterosexual
as you may be about meeting a lesbian **  She was probably
raised with them **

Do not immediately start talking about your boyfriend or husband
in order to make it clear that you are straight ** She probably
already knows **

Do not tell her it is sexist to prefer women * that people are
people and she should be able to love everybody * Do Not tell
her that men are as oppressed by sexism as women and women
should help men fight their oppression * These are common
fallacies and should be treated as such **

Do not invite her someplace that there will be men unless you
tell her in advance * She may not want to be with them *
Do not ask her how she got this way * Instead, ask yourself
how you got that way **

Do not assume she is dying to talk about being a lesbian *

Do not expect her to refrain from talking about being a lesbian *

Do not trivialize her experience by assuming it is a bedroom
issue only * She is a lesbian 24 hours a day **

Do not assume that because she is a lesbian she wants to be
treated like a man *

Do not assume that her heart will leap with joy if you touch her
arm {condescendingly? * flirtatiously? * power-testingly?} It
makes her angry**

If you are tempted to tell her she is taking the easy way out,
Think About That **

(I found this in a now defunct shop over 15 years ago it used to
be printed by a company out of Seattle WA called Day Moon Designs
giving credit