Liath Falcon writes pornography / erotica (pick an opinion)

From:    Liath Falcon
Subject: stories

		  My turn for a story.
		  Amy sighed.  She was mildly angry with David.  He had called her
yesterday, and made her promise to keep her Friday night free.  Free it was,
and so far boring.
		  "Don't dress up,"  he'd said.
		  "Why, you thinking about sex?"  She smiled.  His sexual moments were
always interesting, at worst.
		  "Let's say I've made arrangements."
		  And now, she was waiting.
		  She heard his car in the driveway, and as she stood up, the engine
shut off.  The car door opened and slammed abruptly, before she could get to
the window.  She looked out the window, and saw him running up to her house,
looking back over his shoulder.
		  "Hi, David,"  She opened the door.  He stepped inside.
		  "Do you trust me?"
		  "I guess so."
		  "That's not good enough."
		  "Yes.  I do."  She smiled, nervously.
		  "Good."  He sighed, his relief obvious.  "Put this on."  He handed her
a piece of leather.  "And take off your clothes.  It doesn't matter which
order.  In fact, if you put this on first, I can help with your clothes."  She
unfolded the leather.
		  It was a blindfold, with four straps, and metal loops instead of
buckles.  She fit it on, revelling in the feel of the supple leather, as soft
as any suede.  There were cotton patches over the eyes, padded, and fitting
very tightly.  David helped loop the metal through holes in the straps, and
secured the blindfold to her head.  She felt the straps briefly, realizing
that once secured, she couldn't remove the blindfold without hurting her ears.
David fiddled with her left side for a moment, and she heard two metallic
clicks.  She reached up, and felt two tiny padlocks holding the straps through
the loops.  Before she could say anything, he had secured the other side.
Slowly, languidly, he began to help her take off her clothes.  As he did, he
steered her slowly into the bedroom, until she was standing beside her bed.
		  "One last time, Amy.  Do you trust me?"  She nodded.  "Good.  Stand
here."  He walked out of the room, leaving her standing alone, and naked.
		  She heard him open her front door, and a few moments later, heard his
car door open.  Then it closed, and she heard two sets of footsteps.
		  There were two low voices, one she couldn't identify, and David,
shushing the other.  Then, the front door closed, and she could hear the sound
of someone's clothes being removed.  Then again, two sets of footsteps, one
naked feet, the other shod.
		  "You,"  David said, "Are Diane, tonight.  And you,"  She felt a hand
on her shoulder, "Are Vicky.  You'd expressed an interest in a female lover.
Have fun.  I'll be in the living room, if you need me.  And, Diane, don't try
anything too vicious, or you'll find out what a bastard I can be."
		  "But I..."  The other woman's voice was nervous.
		  "I know it's not your normal behaviour.  But this isn't a normal
evening."  David walked out of the room.
		  "Diane?"  Amy stepped forward, trying to decide whether to embrace the
other woman, or cover herself.  Every nerve ending in her body was trembling,
her skin was flushed, and she thought that she just might faint.
		  "Vicky?"  Amy touched a hand, and pulled back momentarily, then
clenched it tightly.  "I...I don't know...what to do."
		  "Me, either.  I guess...he wants us to learn together."
		  They embraced, and Amy nervously ran her hands up Diane's back, trying
to accept that she was about to make love to a woman she couldn't see, and
wouldn't recognize.  She felt long hair, straight, past Diane's shoulder
blades, and ran her fingers through its silky texture.  She touched the back
of Diane's head, and pulled back.
		  Diane was locked into a blindfold, too.
		  "Diane?"  Amy asked, her voice trembling.  She stepped back, feeling
the momentary shock as the heat from Diane's body lingered against her
breasts.  Her stomach was quivering in tension and anticipation.
		  "Yeah.  Me, too.  All the way on the drive here, in fact."  Diane's
voice trembled.
		  "Why do you think he did this?"
		  "He told me that it was so we would both wonder.  And that we would
shiver every time he introduced us to a female friend of his, and look for
some signal."
		  "This is silly.  I'm not Vicky, my name is..."
		  "Shh,"  Diane's fingers brushed Amy's lips.  "He's got a point.  All I
care about is that, if we like it enough, some day he'll introduce us again,
as it were.  With our eyes open."
		  "Okay.  Vicky it is."
		  "Are you ready?"  Diane stepped closer, and put her hands on Amy's
arms.  Amy brought her hands up to Diane's shoulders.
		  "Not really.  But, if you give me the excuse, I'll back out."  She
stepped forward, and gently moved her head forward.
		  Her cheek brushed Diane's hair, and she turned to her right.  Her lips
touched Diane's cheek, and she kissed it lightly.  Her trembling was almost
out of control, and she was certain that David could hear her heart in the
living room.
		  Diane's fingers moved in from Amy's arms, and gently brushed over
Amy's breasts.  Amy shivered uncontrollably for a second, fighting the urge to
back away at the sensuality of the touch, and the light tickle it also
		  "What's wrong?"
		  "Nothing,"  Amy breathed into Diane's ear.  "It's like being tickled
with a live wire."
		  "Perfect."  Diane moved her fingers again, one hand dancing lightly
along Amy's breasts, the other sliding down her stomach.  The hand at her
breasts darted from side to side, lingering brushes of fingertip against
nipple.  The other hand brushed just as lightly, moving briefly among the
curls of her hair, but never touching anything that lay beneath it.  Then, the
fingers brushed the rim of her hip, and slid around to her ass.  The hand at
her breasts moved to one side, and then slid around to her back. Diane hugged
her closely, and Amy hugged back.
		  "Oh, Vicky, I'm scared."
		  "Me, too.  But I don't wanna stop."
		  "If I tried to stop now, I think I'd die."  Amy giggled in the other
woman's hair, and ran her hands down the other woman's back, caressing the
cheeks of her ass briefly, and then rushing back up to cup Diane's head. She
pulled Diane's head back a bit, keeping her jaw in contact with Diane's jaw,
until their lips were less than an inch apart.  Then, they kissed.
		  Lip to lip.  Amy felt her knees going weak, but managed to stay on her
feet for the moment.  Diane's lips parted slightly, and Amy took that for an
invitation.  Her tongue ran lightly over Diane's lips, and then past them into
Diane's giggle at the tickling touch.  She ran her tongue over the other
woman's teeth, feeling the slight gap between the jaws, and pushed slightly
with her tongue.  Diane's jaws parted slightly, and their tongues met.
		  Amy hadn't felt such a jolt at a french kiss since the first time
she'd done it with a boy, several years ago.
		  "Then again,"  She told herself, "This is a first time, too."
		  Diane's tongue teased her, and then returned the favor of aggression,
exploring Amy's side of the kiss for a few moments.  Diane pulled back
quickly, not abruptly.
		  "Whoah,"  Diane whispered.  She lowered her mouth to Amy's neck, and
kissed it lightly.  "Intense."
		  "You know what David usually says to that word."
		  "That's how the Arabs sleep.  Intents." Diane giggled, then kissed her
neck again.  Her lips parted against Amy's neck, and she nibbled slightly,
running her tongue lightly against the muscles.  "You're tense, yourself.  You
could use a massage."
		  "Later."  Amy kissed Diane's neck, running her tongue from Diane's
jawline, at the base of the ear, down to her collarbone.  She swallowed,
building up her nerve, and lowered her head to Diane's breasts.
		  Diane's breasts were larger than her own, but not as firm.  Amy felt a
momentary smug pride, but acknowledged that, from her best ability to guess,
she was quite impressed with Diane's figure.  She kissed each breast in turn,
and then realized that Diane was wavering on her feet.  She gently guided
Diane to the bed, and sat her down.
		  She continued kissing Diane's breasts, and it was only a natural
progression that brought her mouth quickly down by Diane's hips, the other
woman's hair teasing her nose.  She brought her lips down, and worked her head
from side to side as she brought her lips closer to the gentle center of
womanhood.  Instead of kissing it directly, she whispered to it, nonsense
words, sounds.  She let the gentle breeze and vibration of her voice tingle
the surface for almost a minute before she extended her tongue, and ran it
lightly over the moist skin.  Diane's body began quivering, and Amy worked her
head closer, placing Diane's legs on either side of her head, letting Diane's
thighs rest on her shoulders.  She was kneeling on the floor byher own bed,
beginning to go down on a woman.  The realization made her stop for a second,
which made Diane whimper.
		  "Please,"  Diane's voice was low and hoarse.
		  "Please?"  Amy echoed.
		  "Please don't stop."
		  "Ask me to.  Specifically."
		  "Please...make me crazy."
		  "Make you crazy?"
		  "Make me come.  Eat me.  Whatever you want to call it, whatever you
want me to call it, please do it."