Can equality be achieved at the expense of others?

From:    James Kirwin
Subject: Intolerance

Can equality be achieved at the expense of others?

Newsweek discusses the topic in the Dec 24 1990 issue. Everyone on this
echo should take a look at the cover story - it's pretty much what is
being debated here. Reverse discrimination, affirmative action, gay rights
- the hot topics which keep us downloading "Feminism" religiously.

  The main thrust of the article is the stifling of dissenters in academia
who refuse to swallow the "Politically Correct" thought of the "New
McCarthyism". Newsweek discusses the similitarities between the leftist
ideologies being taught in universities and Marxism.
  The key is the belief of "deconstructionism" - a system of thought which
disregards hierarchy, believing all systems, books, ideologies to be
equal. This leads to the emphasis on form over content.

  Female emancipation cannot be achieved at the expense of white males. And
it certainly isn't going to occur over silly battles over language (ie
womynn, freshperson, personhole cover etc.). Language is not going to
change just because someone mandates it - The French tried it during the
Revolution, and failed - and if anyone believes that women are repressed
just because there's an "e" in women, they should start their own language
or speak chinese, which has genderless pronouns.
  The oppressed make damn good oppressors - the finest. Just look at the
Israelis. Nothing meaningful can be achieved by fighting the problems in
our culture with their opposites. Once again the failure of the French
Revolution proves that (a rev. which strived to become the antithesis of
the monarchy). All the present controversy does is breed a backlash (the
movement itself was spawned in the same way). Nothing will be solved.

  What is the solution? How do we protect women and minorities from harm
while at the same time maintaining the Constitution and all it means?
  I'll ponder it over the holidays. Something needs to be done, but
something which is not going to discriminate on the basis of skin color.
And something which will not take away my right to say:
	  A balance between misogynists and misandronists must be struck.
HUMANITY can only be happy when all are free and no one is oppressed.

Have a Happy Pagan Holiday!
--- XRS! 3.40
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