Fem. Equal Rights For Men

021/457 11 Mar 90 14:59:28
From:   Robert Hood
To:     Bob Hirschfeld
Subj:   Re: Clear Now?
 RH> What proof do you have that Bob isn't genuinely interested
 RH> in furthering the cause of equality between men and women?
 BH> Thank you, Robert. When I appeared in 1978 on the Donahue show in 
 BH> support of the ERA, I got the impression that the audience reaction 
 BH> at first was, "No, he doesn't really believe in Equality". When I 
 BH> explained that the ERA to me meant that Men would have an equal 
 BH> chance at custody and women would have an equal obligation to 
 BH> support their children, I got the impression that the reaction had 
 BH> changed to "Damn. He really does believe in Equality, but I (the 
 BH> woman in the audience) think that's going too far." 
Now THERE'S a switch!  :)
Seriously, equality can NEVER be taken too far, if it is to be true equality 
and not a new form of inequality with a better taste....

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