''In the hands of lawyers'' By Marshal Fine, film critic for Gannett Suburban Newspapers

"In the hands of lawyers"
By Marshal Fine, film critic for Gannett Suburban Newspapers

Excerpts from an article in USA Today, August 18, 1993

In June, a judge have [Mia] Farrow custody of [Farrow and Allen's
adopted daughter,] Dylan and biological son, Satchel. Allen was
given limited visitation with Satchel and told to stay away from
Dylan for six months.

"The worst part is that it's been over a year since I was allowed
to see or speak with my daughter," he says. "I've been exonerated
of all these charges, of every suspicion. The law and the judicial
system works in a very clumsy way, and not in the best interests of

"It's just been a dreadful year. Yet, in a way, it was fascinating.
I could probably get a small legal degree at this point. I saw how
the press works, how the legal system works. To me, it confirms some
of the critical opinions everybody has about the press. As for the
notion that the legal system has the best interests of the children
in mind -- nothing could be further from the truth."

As a result of his problems, Allen says he has been inundated with

"I heard from hundreds of poor fathers who are in the same position:
falsely accused of molestation in a custody fight. But they didn't
have my resources to fight it. I spent literally millions.
Fortunately, I had saved my money. But it was all money I had left
to my children in my will, money that's now in the hands of lawyers.

"When the smoke clears, I'll probably act as some kind of spokesperson
for these men," he adds.