One definition of ''feminism''

 > of you seem open minded so here goes.  Feminism.  Could
 > someone define that term for me?  What exactly are we

There are a lot of different issues in feminism -- and I don't know that 
anyone has defined or confined it into a precise definition -- however,
I offer the following as the definition of a feminist:


Do you think men and women have equal talents, abilities and
potentials?  Then you are a feminist.

Do you think men and women should receive equal pay for equal work?
Then you are a feminist.

Do you think women who spend their lives making a home for their
families deserve respect for the job they are doing? Then you are a

You're a feminist if you favor equal opportunities, equal
responsibilities, and equal treatment for men and women. You are a
feminist if you think promotions in business should be based on
talent and not on gender.

Feminism is not a new phenomenon. It is as old as the human desire
to be treated fairly and judged equally. But it is an idea whose
time has come.

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