Societies dominated by women (reading list)

275/492 12 Feb 90 20:42:00
From:   Ted Powell
To:     Tom Presler
Subj:   Re: Male supremacy.
 > O.K Feminists, I challenge you to tell me of one real 
 > society that was dominated by women.  

I'm going to take your implied question as a sincere one, rather than as a 
prelude to a rant (even though it was in fact followed by one).  
    The Iroquois of what is now upstate New York. The Yoruba, Ibo, Igbo, and 
Dahomey of West Africa. There's five, and you only asked for one.  

Now, if you choose to say that you specified a "real" society, and make it 
clear that in your opinion a society where women rule the roost is ipso facto 
not "real" -- then it will become clear that you were indeed just warming up 
for a rant. (I trust that's not the case.) 

    Our Kind : who we are, where we came from, where we are going 
    Marvin Harris 
    Harper & Row, New York 
    ISBN 0-06-015776-3 
    GN31.2.H37  1989 

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