Aug 26 1990

 VW> What is this mystical feminism?  Sounds fascinating.

RC>      I've done some preliminary reading and no two people agree on
RC>      exact definitions.  To my understanding, it is a replacement
RC>      of the patriarchal concept of God with that of the feminine, or
RC>      the "She" as it's often called.  The worship of the goddess, the
RC>      "She" is a celebration of the feminine through ritual and
RC>      group experience.

RC>      That all sounds so nebulous and it's because I'm really rather
RC>      confused through all of this.  I've picked up a copy of The
RC>      Chalice and the Blade, which I have been told is the de rigeur
RC>      starting point for such reading.

Mystical feminism has it's basis in the wiccan religion, which was the
very first religion,(organized that is).  Most if not all religions have
borrowed from it, yes even christianity. The above mentioned book is a
very good place to start, there are also many othe good books on the
subject AN ACT OF WOMEN POWER by Kisma Stepanich is another.  Society
used to be matriarchal, women were not considered second class citizens
until the advent of christianity.  Women should relearn their true place
in the universe and stop taking all the Crap that has been dished up by
the patriarcal factions through out the centuries.

Women are not powerless in the spiritual scince, women's bodies are in
harmony with the basic essences if this planet. Most women's menstrual
cycles are in time with the phases of the moon and a majority of the
births take place on or about the full moon.

I realize this is not a metaphyisical echo, and I am sorry if this
ruffels any feathers, but hey the question needed an anwser!

 )O(  Camille Lockyer

   Camille Lockyer to Randall Chrisman (quoted) & Virginia Worf (qutoed)
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