From:    Coeta Mills
Subject: Women & Finance


_Financial Self-Confidence for the Suddenly Single: A Woman's Guide_
by Alan Ungar, CFP (Lowell House, $12.95) starts off by telling
women how to protect their assets during the emotionally difficult
period following widowhood or divorce, then leads them step by step
through the money-management and investment maze. Non-intimidating
and easy to read.

_The Social Security Book: What Every Woman Absolutely Needs to Know
(D14117)_ is new from AARP's Consumer Affairs Section. For a free
copy send a postcard to the title and stock number, AARP Fulfillment
(EE0114), 1909 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20049. Allow 6 to 89
weeks for delivery.

One of the most valuable assets up for negotiation in a divorce is a
spouse's (usually the husband's) pension. But this asset is often
overlooked, not just by the wife, but also by her attorney. The
Clearinghouse on Pensions and Divorce was set up by the Pension
Rights Center to guide spouses and attorneys through the maze of
federal and state laws covering the topic. The program, funded by
AARP's Women's Initiative and Personal Financial Security Programs
and managed by AARP's Worker Equity Dept. maintains a computerized
index of recent rulings organized by state, type of pension plan, and
issue. Spouses or attorneys may call the Clearinghouse at the Center
(202-296-3779) for guidance in their specific circumstances.

In addition, the Center publishes a 200-page handbook, _Your Pension
Rights at Divorce: What Women Need to Know_ available for $12 plus
$2 shipping and handling from Department MM, Pension Rights Center,
918 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20006

The IRS reports that 72,000 refund checks totally more than $41
million were returned last year because taxpayers either moved and
left no forwarding address with the Post Office or gave incorrect
addresses on their tax returns. If you are still missing your 1989
refund, call toll-free 800-829-1040.

		 --Source: April-May 1991 Modern Maturity (AARP Publication)