Womem in Native America

 "How can the spirit of the earth like the white man? ....Everywhere
the white man has touched it, it is sore."
												  Winto Woman
													Touch the Earth

"Every now and then I am impressed with the thinking of the
non-Indian.  I was in Cleveland...talking with a non-Indian about
American hitory. He said that he ware really sorry about what had
happened to Indians, but that there was good reason for it. The
continent had to be developed and he felt that Indians had stood in
the way and thus had to be removed. `After all', he remarked, `what
did you do with the land when you had it?' I didn't understand him
until later when I discovered that the Cayahoga River running
through Cleveland is inflammable. So many combustible pollutants are
dumped into the river that the inhabitants have to take special
precautions during the summer to avoid accidentally setting it on
fire. After reviewing the argument of my non-Indian friend I decided
that he was probably correct. Whites had made better us of the land.
How many Indians could have thought of creating an inflammable
							  Vine Deloria, Jr.
							  We Talk, You Listen