The entertainer says the child abuse investigation is part of an extortion attempt.

From: (Aaron Hoffmeyer)
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The entertainer says the child abuse investigation is part of an
extortion attempt.

Source of information: Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- Police officers probing allegations of sexual abuse by
entertainer Michael Jackson are investigating his contact with at least
four young boys, including the 13-year-old Los Angeles boy whose
therapist was the first to report the alleged molestation, a source
close to the investigation said yesterday.

"They are even interviewing friends of friends, to see if they were
told anything," the source said, adding that the recent round of
allegations are the first ever leveled against the international pop

The investigation started in July when the father of the 13-year-old
took his son to a therapist to discuss allegations regarding Jackson,
police sources said. The therapist immediately reported that
detailed interview, and investigators have since broadened their
inquiry to include at least three other children, said a person
familiar with the probe.

Neither Jackson nor his lawyer, Howard Weitzman, was available for
comment yesterday. But members of the Jackson family released a
statement expressing their support for the singer.

"We wish to state our collective, unequivocal belief that Michael has
been made victim of a cruel and obvious attempt to take advantage of
his fame and success," said the statement, signed by 10 members of his
family. "We know, as does the whole world, that he has dedicated his
life to providing happiness for young people everywhere."

A private investigator who works for the entertainer blamed the
allegations on an extortion attempt that Jackson rebuffed. Details of
that alleged extortion, however, have not been reported to the police,
said officials in the Los Angeles Police Department's Major Crimes
Unit, which would be responsible for handling such an investigation.

The 13-year-old boy whose allegations triggered the probe is at the
center of a bitter custody dispute, at least part of which grows out of
his father's discomfort about the boy's relationship with jackson,
court files show.

The father, in fact, persuaded his ex-wife on July 12 to sign a
stipulation that, among other things, barred all contact between the
boy and Jackson.

Under that stipulation, she would be allowed to visit the boy only on
the condition that he not have "any contact or communication of any
form, directly or indirectly, including, but not limited to, telephone
communication with a third-party adult male known as Michael Jackson."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kenneth A. Black approved the
document. Later, however, the mother withdrew from it, saying she had
only agreed to sign it in an attempt to get her former husband to let
her see her son.

On Aug. 17, one day after Black ordered the boy's father to return the
child to his mother, police launched their investigation.

Source of article: The Columbus Dispatch, August 26, 1993

Aaron L. Hoffmeyer

This will either bring Michael to his knees, or maybe, finally, someone
will attempt to do something about the rash of false allegations.

I don't know if Michael did anything or not. I've found Michael "not
like other guys" for a long time, but he seems innocent enough. He
might be a pedophile. I don't know.

But I do know this: the case has ALL the signs of a false allegation
and the hysteria surrounding such allegations. Michael is worth
billions, so now, after never having one report of child abuse ever
made about him, all of a sudden there are four boys they are talking
to.... And look at the circumstances of the first accuser -- A
CUSTODIAL PARENT, asserting an unusual degree of control in a bitter
custody dispute. And then, one the day that the custodial parent is
ordered by the court to return the child to the non-custodial parent, a
police investigation is launched.

Telltales signs are: 1) no previous allegations, 2) bitter custody
dispute, 3) controlling custodial parent, 4) court order that deflates
their case somewhat, 5) the timing of the whole thing, 6) the series of
controlling allegations ending up with allegations of sexual abuse, 7)
the child was taken to a therapist "to extract the truth," and 8) when
mothers make the allegations, they accuse the fathers, but when men
make the allegations, they accuse some other man.

Anyway, if the allegation is true, I hope Michael and his alleged
victims get help. If it is false, I hope Michael works to enlighten
the world about false allegations and how damaging they are to everyone