Patricia Greer answers hate from Christian

From:    Patricia Greer
To:      Tim Williams                           Msg #21, 04:22pm Nov-12-90
Subject: Yes, Jesus Loves Us

Here's what I have to say to you, Bud. Why act like you're trying to
understand other people? Why even bother? Why not just come out as what
you are, a little guilt-tripping, I'm better than you because I've got a
penis kind of ignoramous trying to pass for Christian. You give Christians
a bad name with your literal interpretation of the Bible. You have no idea
of the spititual interpretation and you are perpetuating hatred of

Jesus message was of for everybody, not just those you aren't
afraid of. You are way off the track.

Nobody has to prove they have a right to be on this planet. Nobody has to
prove to you they are OK because they are different from you.
Lesbians are human. We deserve to be here. We are not the child
molesters.....We don't drag half of the young people in this country off
to get killed every ten years or so. We commit very few crimes as a know like stealing, robbing 7-11's and such pplacs ?
We don't break into cars and pull the radios out. We don't harrass hets on
the street that are holding hands. In fact, we don't bother anybody very

We don't drown children or beat the living hell out of them, or sexually
molest them. A lesbian isn't a threat to you.

Do you know what we do, Mr Holy Man? We live in houses and hang the
pictures we paint on the walls. We sew. We read books and go for walks. We
watch out for the little old ladies and men who live by us. We walk their
dogs when they have to go to the hospital for cataract surgery. We watch
movies and eat popcorn these same little old people make us in their
microwave ovens because we don't have one.

We work. We are good workers. We come in to work and do our jobs. We don't
screw around. We just work. We smile. We are nice to customers and
co-workers. We are damn smart. There's the one thing you have to be
threatened by...our brains. We are generally speaking very smart. So that
you'd better watch out for.

So there.
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