''a couple of saints and martyrs before this is over'' anti-choicers

From:    Susan Garvin
Subject: Satan or Marx?

I heard a representative of "The Lambs" on the radio in Youngstown last
weekend.  He said that they have three criteria for attacking a clinic:

1.  The police in the area must be brutal.
2.  The jail sentences given to trespassers at the clinic must be
    overly long.
3.  There must be "occult" activity around the clinic.

Since Birmingham, Alabama is the only place I know of that actually
has a Coven come out and mess with the anti's, I assume that by "occult
activity" the man was referring to escorts.

(By the way, Youngstown is getting hit and hit hard.  The president
of a local Catholic University that sends most of the protesters has said
publicly that "I think we're going to have a couple of deaths, a couple of
saints and martyrs, before this is over."  Two weeks ago three protesters
threw themselves under the wheels of a pickup as it pulled in.  Luckily,
they weren't hurt.  These folks scare me.)