extracts on Goddess Lilith

From:    Ed Hand
To:      Hugh Read                                Msg #133, 25-Oct-87 12:46pm
Subject: Re: Nephthys

Nephthys, Night Goddess, From beyond the stars I came
To the stars I draw you.
Into darkness and night
Ye shall know the darkside of nature as thou knowest the light, for only by
balancing the polarities may you advance
Only by absorbing both of my aspects may you become me.
For I am Isis and I am Nephthys
Twin sisters in more than one sense.
What is my sister's is mine; and you, Priest of Isis, must serve MY needs.
You must and will seek me for only in my arms may you find rest.
Only from my breath may you find life,
And only from my loins may you find joy.
Once we met, for I have many names and many forms
I have been called Hecate and Lilith.
I am Sekar and I am Nuit (not).
For my darkness is the mystery of life and the mystery of my darkness is the
sole path to life eternal.
Within me are the desires you feel.
Within me lies the answer to all questions.
In me all doubts cease.
In me all tension ends.
In me life begins and death eternal ends.
I am the source and the way.
I am Nephthys.
		- Channeled    1986

From:    Draco
To:      L.a. Hussey                              Msg #140, 27-Oct-87 03:22pm
Subject: Re: Lilith (2)

Is this the same Liltith who:
1) Was supposedly the first wife of Adam?
2) Is regarded as a female demon?
3) Is the main intelligence of one of thw Qlippothic Sephira?

From:    L.a. Hussey
To:      Draco                                    Msg #130, 29-Oct-87 05:30pm
Subject: Re: Lilith (2)

Well, it's certainly the same Lilith who was the first wife of Adam.  She was
given a bad rap and became demonified and a personification of a Qlippa.
David my husband says that nothing substantive was written about her beyond
her being dangerous to children and other such boogyman beliefs.  There is
some reason I can't remember why she was made a baddie.  Check out the
Farrar's new THE WITCHES' GODDESS for an interesting Eve/Lilith visualisation

I've always thought of her as the dark primal earth, which is why she's so
scary.  Her name may be derived from Lilah, meaning "night".  Anyway, the poem
is my explanation for how she and Adam fell out.  Because I seem to remember
that what she got punished for was not agreeing to be Adam's wife or something
like that...

From:    L.a. Hussey
To:      Draco                                    Msg #132, 29-Oct-87 05:48pm
Subject: More Lilith

David says that actually he remembers it the opposite, that Lilith was a demon
created to tempt Adam, and refused to do it.  So she ends up with not much of
a part.

Anybody else know different?

Leigh Ann

From:    David Rice
To:      L.a. Hussey                              Msg #74, 30-Oct-87 08:50pm
Subject: Lilith, defend yourself

Hiss! Snarl, snarl!
"There running down my Lady!" department.

	  Lilith was never concieved to be "evil". First wife to Adam, equal
to him up 'till the Hellinistic era. She is the perfect female in form
and beauty, and had the same rights and privilages as Adam as the First.
She is also Adam's sister.

	  When the partiarchy took over and murdered the Goddess, Lilith was
demanded to submit and be dominated by Adam as "Wife", and not "Equal".
Rather than do this she choose loneliness and exile. As the "first Liberated
Woman", she was percieved by the patriarchy as an evil (i.e. subversive to
the State) force, and thus had to be destroyed. They did this by perverting
everything she stood for.

	  Lilith personifies the innate desire to be free from contrived and
controlling forces, in that they are deterimental to her growth and
well being. She would rather be alone than live under anyone's thumb.

	  In the natal (astrologically speaking) chart, I often see Lilith
(the asteroid) timing seperations from relationships that were demeaning
to the nativity (and client). They often remain alone a life time, and
cry themselves to sleep every night, rather than submit to a controling
relationship, or even the possibility of growing into such a relationship.
They often say over and over in their minds "Why can I not love anyone?
Why does no one love me?"

	  They were taught that they MUST submit to a relationship to make it
"work" or "last", even though it may kill them. (Look at all the battered
women who refuse to do anything about their problems! They're Lilith
concerns that must be addressed).

	  This problem is why Lilith is called "evil" and the "mother of all
deamons": She loved herself more than her male MASTER. In the male-dominated
world, this is evil.

From:    Brigid Dragonchild
To:      L.a. Hussey                              Msg #113, 30-Oct-87 09:21am
Subject: Re: More Lilith

I got version A...not that much mention was given Lilith at all in our
congregation...but I was the odd kid who used to hide out in the library to
avoid going to services...

From:    Judy Harrow
To:      David Rice                               Msg #100, 02-Nov-87 10:28pm
Subject: Re: Lilith, defend yourself

Right on! and the best presentation of this information that I have every
		In all I'm reading from you tonight, the Wild Hunt rages. This is the
time of year for that, and ground must be cleared for new growth. Still I
would say to you that Beltane waits for us beyond these storms; they are not
all.       warmly / Judy

From:    H.d. Love
To:      L.a. Hussey                              Msg #103, 02-Nov-87 12:50pm
Subject: Re: More Lilith

Greetings Leigh Ann!         Liliths name means "Night Monster" and was
probably adapted from the Babylonain or Assyrian entity called Lilit or Lilu.
The stories about her vary but one says that she was the second wife of Adam
(Adam and Eve reportedly broke up because of incompatability problems) and was
the mother to Adams demon offspring.

I think that she might have been an archetype for the subconcious which the
establishment in the West has always tried to repress.

Centralize authority seems continually afraid of individuals digging into the
darker regions because people involved in these areas don't make good sheep.
There are other women in the Non-Judeo/Roman area of Christianity which
interest me a great deal.  According to one branch, the universe was really by
a Woman creator who accidently gave birth to a male creator.  This male child
could not detect the existance of the mother( was blind to her existance) so
he went about creating the world in an uncomplete manner. According to this,
all the problems in our world are due to the work imperfect work of this male
creator.  Oh, almost forgot her name:  Pistis Sophia.

Yours,  BigFish