Family planning saves women's lives

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Family planning saves women's lives

Family planning can help reduce the number of maternal deaths. This is
because when a wide range of contraceptive methods are made accessible and
affordable to all couples, three changes in family formation are likely to
occur- all of which tend to reduce the number of maternal deaths.

First, the total number of births is reduced, and since every pregnancy is
associated with a certain risk, there will be an equivalent fall in the
number of maternal deaths.

Second, the number of unwanted pregnancies is reduced. Unwanted pregnancy is
always a threat to woman's health, either because she may resort to
poorly-performed and dangerous abortion or, if she decides to continue with
the pregnancy, because she is less likely to take care of herself than if the
pregnancy was wanted.

Third, the proportion of births to some of the women at "high risk" is likely
to fall. The risk of maternal death among women over the age of 35, many of
whom already have several children, is five times higher than women aged
20-24 years.

Those aged 15-19 years are up to three times as likely to die as a result of
pregnancy or childbirth as those aged 20-24 years.

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