Fem. Women in the military

048/469 20 Mar 90 00:49:00
From:   Mel. White
To:     Ken Pangborn
Subj:   Re: Naval Academy
Some of your messages may have gotten dropped from the thread when I read them, 
but the ones I read were about women being substandard in the military 
academies and no reference was made to it being in physical education.
I don't really agree that physical fitness determines leadership ability.  I've 
lived on Army bases and known a LOT of officers.  Some were good, some were bad 
and there was no correlation between fitness and leadership ability.
Nor was there a relationship between "coming up through the ranks" and 
leadership ability, as you suggested-- at least none that I can find.
With all due respect, I hold a different viewpoint on the subject of officers 
can't give orders to their men that they are not capable of carrying out.  The 
colonels in charge of the infantry divisions have absolutly no idea how to 
repair the machinery (and aren't physically capable, in most cases).  The same 
argument can be made for the lieutenants, in fact.  The function of the 
commanders is to command; not to take over the job of their men.  Therefore, 
they don't have to be physically equivalent of the people doing the jobs.
If you've read my other posts (probably not-- that's okay), you'll know that 
I'm hardly anti-male.  But I don't agree with your insistance that letting 
women into the military/fire/police destroys the system.  I feel very strongly 
that the right person should have the job, regardless of race, color, sex, or 
And frankly, I don't see that physical strength is really a factor in 
leadership skills.  A small Hispanic man is as capable of leading as a large 
Anglo man... or a medium-sized Hindu woman.
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053/469 20 Mar 90 04:07:00
From:   Peh Lee
To:     Paul Truzzi
CS>A female could be as good a fighter pilot as a male.
PT>I hate to tell you but being a fighter pilot can be one of the most
PT>physically demanding jobs. That is because today's airplanes are capable
PT>of turns that apply a higher G loading tha most people can stand
PT>without blacking out.
And that is why women are better than man in that situation.
Studies upon studies by the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy have 
concluded women are physically more fit than men to be fighter pilots in high-G 
capability fighter planes.
Women don't faint out as much as men because of the smaller body size, and a 
higher average blood pressure.
Peh Lee
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