Corporations that support Planned Parenthood.

The  following  are  a  few  corporations  which  support Planned
Parenthood.  Please write to then and  express  your  thanks  for
their concern, and their money.

     > The Kresge Foundation <

     Chairman Alfred H. Taylor, Jr., of  the  Kresge  Foundation,
wrote "...    The Foundation did authorize a grant of $250,000 on
Feb. 16, 1987, to Planned Parenthood  of  Cincinnati."    In  the
letter, Mr.    Taylor  stated  that  the primary focus of Planned
Parenthood is health and that after  a  fire-bombing  of  Planned
Parenthood,  the  funding  was approved for replacing the Planned
Parenthood facility.  To thank the Kresge Foundation, write:

  Alfred H. Taylor, Jr., Chairman
  The Kresge Foundation
  P.O. Box 3151
  Troy, Mi 48007-9630
  (313) 643-9630

     > H.J. Heinz Company Foundation <

     Mr. S. Donald Wiley,  trustee  of  the  H.J.  Heinz  Company

     "...We endorse the health care and educational activities of
Planned   Parenthood,   which   we   believe  are  supportive  in
strengthening  the  loving  relationship  of  parents  and  their

  S. Donald Wiley, Trustee
  H.J. Heinz Company Foundation
  P.O. Box 57
  Pittsburgh, PA
  (412) 456-5772

     > Scott Paper <

     Janet  M.  Jones,  consumer  relations, Scott Paper Company.
"...We had supported an education program  sponsored  by  Planned
Parenthood  designed  to bring parents and teens together to talk
about the  prevention  of  unplanned  pregnancy....    The  Scott
Foundation  will  1988 [on]: School based clinics and
basic sex  education  programs."    The  programs  which  Planned
Parenthood  wish  to  start: [a] Clinics in the schools for birth
control and services, and [b] sex education.

  Janet M. Jones, Operation Manager
  Customer Relations
  Scott Paper Company
  Scott Plaza
  Philadelphia, PA 19113
  (215) 522-5000

     > Pillsbury <

     Carol B. Truesdell, vise president, Community relations, the
Pillsbury Company.

     "The Pillsbury Company Foundation  made  a  contribution  of
$8,500  to  Planned Parenthood of Minnesota in 1987 in support of
its medical and health education services for low-income women."

  Carol B. Truesdell, Vice President
  Community Relations
  The Pillsbury Company
  Pillsbury Center
  Minneapolis, MN 55401
  (612) 330-4629

     > Levi Strauss and Co. <

     Peter E. Haas, chairman of the board, Levi Strauss.  "During
the  past  five  years  the  [Levi  Strauss] Foundation has given
approximately $25 million  in  grants  throughout  its  programs.
About  $75,000 of these funds were directed to Planned Parenthood
agencies to provide  education  about  drug  abuse,  communicable
disease, parenting, and family planning."

  Peter E. Haas, Chairman of the Board
  Levi Strauss and Company
  Levi's Plaza
  San Francisco, California 94120
  (415) 544-6000

     > General Mills <

     The  General  Mills Corporate Citizenship Report, 1987,lists
on page 25, a grant of $16,000 to Planned Parenthood of Minnesota
under the heading: "Health."  Gifts were  given  by  the  General
Mills Foundation.

  James P. Shannon, Vice President
  General Mills Foundation
  P.O. Box 1113
  Minneapolis, MN 55440