VERY Bad poem about Molly Yard

-- I wrote this while picketing a cult that supports 'Opperation
"Rescue'". Please forgive me: it was HOT today.  - d.rice Sep 30

I'm not too good at poetry
often trying to rhyme has got the best of me.
But I'm in love, so I'll try real hard.
I'm in love with N.O.W.'s Molly Yard.

Things didn't start so cut and dried.
This love, you know, I tried hard to deny.
I traded in my penis for a Feminist card
'cause I'm in love with Molly Yard.

She wouldn't wear a bra to save her life.
She'd die before being any man's wife.
This poem is finished; though I ain't no bard,
now you know I love Molly Yard.