''Born on Crack, and Coping with Kindergarten''

I got this message from a "Men are being persecuted and oppressed"
article on sci.psychology.  -- drice
"Sheryl Lynn Massip, a mother in her mid-twenties who murdered her
6-month-old son by crushing his head by running over it with the wheel
of the family car, over and over, systematically covered up the murder
until she was discovered. Then she testified that she suffered from
postpartum depression -- or 'baby blues.' Her sentence? Treatment.

"Mothers do, of course, get the baby blues. As do dads. A dad often
feels like the mother has left him for "another lover. [tough shit:
deal with it, pink boy. -- drice]" Husbands often say, "It's she and
the baby cuddling on the couch and me looking on," or, "Now I know
the meaning of `two's company, three's a crowd.'" or. "My wife and I
used to spend lots of time together but now we don't;" or, "We've
barely made love for two years -- since the baby was born [he should
get a lover or masterbate; he has NO rights to her body. -- drice]."
Were the husband to kill his [sic] baby, as Sheryl Lynn did, it is
unlikely we would just treat him for baby blues or Save The Marriage
Syndrome. Why does her version of baby blues allow her to receive
treatment for child murder while he would receive life in prison for
child murder with or without baby blues?" - Warren Farrell, _The Myth
of Male Power_ [Are men really this weak and childish? No wonder
he considers "male power" a myth.-- drice]

"A million crack-addicted children have been born since 1987, but only
60 [that's just 60, not 60%] of the mothers have faced criminal
charges. One was convicted." - Isabel Wilkerson, "Court Backs Woman
in Pregnancy Drug Case," _New York Times_, April 3, 1991 [So we
should therefore put the women in prison because they are easier to
hunt down and lock up than the *DEALERS* of drugs? -- drice]

"In the United States, 11 percent of all babies are born to drug-
abusing mothers. This happens predominantly in mother-only homes
(although only 21 percent of children live in mother-only homes).
("Mother's Day," in drug dealer terminology, is the day mothers get
their welfare checks and line up at crack houses.)" [Why are we not
told what percent "this happens predominantly" is? Perhaps because
it would show a smaller percent than two-parent homes? - drice]

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