19 spared by `lack of time'

From today's The Province, p. 20:

19 spared by `lack of time'

Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Francine Pelletier was terrified when she received what she
believes is the suicide letter found on the body of mass-murderer Marc

Pelletier, a columnist for Montreal La Presse, is one of 19 women
listed in the letter as "radical feminists" Lepine didn't have time to
kill before murdering 14 women at the Univeristy of Montreal engineering

Pelletier had fought hard to try to force police to release the letter,
but when it arrived on her desk Thursday morning from an anonymous sender,
she waited for several hours before reading it.

"I was frightened of what horrors I might find," she wrote in an
article accompanying the published latter in Saturday's La Presse. She
refused to give her paper the names of the other 18 women listed.

The main contents of the letter, an attempt by Lepine to justify the
murders by blaming women for his problems and feminists for overstepping
their place, had been described by Montreal homicide detectives the day
after the tragedy.

Police witnesses testified at a Quebec information-access hearing,
prompted by a request from Pelletieer, that releasing the letter could
trigger dangerous reactions in emotionally unstable people.

Lepine's suicide note said the gunman had decided to "send the
feminists, who have always ruined by life, to their Maker."

A note at the bottom of the 19-name list said: "The lack of time
(because I started too late) has allowed these radical feminists to