Operation Rescue causes miscarriage

Date: 11-13-89 (11:59)              Number: 23858 (Echo)
  To: PAT MORGAN                    Refer#: 23843
From: MICHELLE HASS                   Read: NO
Subj: Operation Rescue Kills        Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: OPINION (3)

PM>Today Operation Rescue was in my neighborhood. They were stopping women
PM>from entering this health care facility. One of the women they accosted
PM>was pregnant and just about showing. As they stood around her to try and
PM>talk her out of going to the health center, they showed her photographs,
PM>grabbed at her offering to raise her baby. They would not listen as the
PM>woman screamed she had no intention of getting an abortion. As they
PM>crowded her she started to have further anxiety problems. You see she
PM>was going to the health center because she was spotting. She was going
PM>for a sonnagram. This was her third pregnancy and the other two resulted
PM>in miscarriges. Since she lived around the corner from the center she
PM>felt that she was safe enough to go alone. She wasn't.

PM>The anxiety proved too much for her and she miscarried in the office.
PM>I honestly do not know if she would have miscarried had she not had any
PM>confrontation. I dont know if she would have had further problems if
PM>there was no confrontation. I do know that she lost her baby, the baby
PM>she wanted to have because people were so tied up in their rescue
PM>attempts that they did not bother to listen to her as she yelled to get
PM>away. I do know the woman. She lives down the block from me. Her husband
PM>owns one of the businesses and told me the story tonight. He wants the
PM>people who confronted his wife arrested for the murder of the fetus his
PM>wife was carrying. He also told me that he is pro choice.

I hope he can do that...it would be great to see Randall Terry arrested and
charged with (at least) voluntary Manslaughter. Hoist the bugger on his own

PM>Tomorrow there is going to be a woman's right to choice rally which I am
PM>unable to attend.

I was at the HUGE LA rally. Incredible experience.

PM>It is my body, I can decide what I wish to do with my body
PM>and how I want to do it. And if I want to raise a child, I shall have a
PM>child or adopt. And for women who have sexual relations with men and do
PM>get pregnant they should have the same choices. Abortion is a not a
PM>replacement for birth control. Ask any woman who has had one. But
PM>abortion will save a child from an unwanted life and the mother and or
PM>father from an unwanted future. It is a womans right to choose.

It's a matter of personal freedom...and whether a Woman is seen as Person
or Incubator.

Give my condolences to this woman and her husband...and encourage them to
go for it.

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