Polyamory Social and Political Agenda

************ Polyamory Social and Political Agenda ****************

1. No community, group, or State should be able to pass laws regarding
   the status of one's marital relationships.  (i.e. any kind of situation
   you want to set up should be legal.)

2. Persons should be able to legally marry two or more persons
   of any sex. (For those who also want a legally-binding,
   state-recognized contract.)

3. No one should be denied employment, housing, insurance, or
   choice of religion because of their family lifestyle.  (i.e. they have
   to let you declare multiple spouses, and presumably their children, as
   dependents and beneficiaries.)  /* I threw in the religion simply to
   tweak the OCA even further. */

4. A woman should be able to tell the State who the true (biological)
   father of her child is, regardless of existing convention or law
   stating that a legal husband must be the father of record.  (Currently
   Oregon has a law saying that if a woman is married and has a child, the
   "father" is her husband, regardless of the truth of the matter.)

5. Persons practicing non-monogamous lifestyles should be able to raise
   children as they see fit, openly declare multiple-parentage to
   schools etc., and teach their children that nothing is wrong with
   having more than one spouse.  Schools should be encouraged (not
   required) to teach that celibacy, polygamy, and polyandry are all
   widely practiced behaviors, within the norms of civilized behavior.

6. The IRS should establish a multiple-joint filing status for non-
   monogamous families.

7. The US Dept of Health and Human Services, and Dept. of Education
   should establish social security, welfare, and education benefit
   guidelines based on income/wealth and total family picture.

Richard Johnson, who does NOT support all of these, but tossed this
out as a "what-if."