From:    Gene Giermann

I received a questionnaire from the Feminist Majority which I believe was
testing the waters for the viability of a feminist political party. The
following questions were asked:

I support:

Upholding Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion and enunciated the
federal constitutional guarantee to safe legal abortion as a
fundamental right to privacy.

If Roe v Wade is overturned, a new federal constitutional
amendment guaranteeing abortion rights.

Keeping abortion legal and accessable to women, regardless of
their ability to pay.

Expanding sexuality education in public schools and making
contraceptives available through school based clinics to reduce
the high rate of unintended teenage pregnancy.

Defeating or repealing legislation that blocks teenage girls
access to abortion; e.g., parental consent laws.

Petitioning pharmaceutical companies to make RU486, the new
medication which non surgically terminates unwanted pregnancies,
available to American women.

Defense of womens health clinics against sit-ins, blockades and
harassment from anti-abortion extremists.

The above questions were answered yes or no. The next group was
demographics, and asked some probing questions ie:

Have you ever supported a feminist cause, and if yes, as a
volunteer, contribution or other?

Have you ever actively participated in a demonstration, march,
sit-in, etc for a feminist cause?

Current political affiliation.

Would you cross Party lines to vote for an abortion rights

Would the fact that a candicate is a woman be a major
consideration in voting for her?

Would you vote for a candidate who supports abortion rights
solely because of that issue?

Would you support a Feminist Party?

The Fund for the Feminist Majority
P/O Box 96042
Washington, D.C. 20077