Welcome to the new REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS echo!

From:    Donna.
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					Welcome to the new REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS echo!

	 This echo is about (what else?)  OUR reproductive rights.  For some
time now, our government has played a very large part in what we may do
with our reproductive organs -- abortions are restricted, surrogate
motherhood is either illegal or treated as an illicit arrangement, adoptees
are not entitled to records about their biological parents, sperm/egg
donations fall under rather restrictive legislation, birth control research
is actively DIScouraged, even frozen embryos have more rights (in some
states) than thinking, feeling, taxpaying adults!

	 Our government feels that it has a "right" to impinge on OUR
reproductive rights because (obviously) innocent children are involved.
Unfortunately, the good intentions behind helping innocent children from
the few misguided, cruel, unthinking adults results in unnecessary (and
often ridiculous) restrictions on the REST OF US.  For much, much too long,
we haven't paid too much attention to these unnecessary restrictions,
because they were seen as "unnecessary" for only "unscrupulous people" --
hence, they didn't deserve the attention of good, caring people.  It's
about time that we good, caring people started PAYING attention.

	 That's what this echo is about -- paying attention.  It is estimated
that 1 out of every 6 couples in this country has a fertility impairment,
and it is this "minority" which is most blatantly affected by these
infringements on the part of our government.  All of us, to some degree,
are affected not-so-blatantly, in that we have fertility-impaired friends,
we have a vested interest in reasonable birth control measures, or perhaps
we or our friends have been adversely affected by the government's
incompetent handling of adoption laws.  IF YOU HAVE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS,
you are in some way or another affected by this intrusion.

	 While the primary goal of this echo is to act as an information center
for legal action pertaining to our REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, we would also like
to act as a support group for those who are fighting the system.  While
handles are not encouraged, they are allowed so long as they are not used
to hide behind malicious or insensitive discourse.  In fact, this echo
really has only two rules: stay on the subject matter, and remain calm,
open-minded and sensitive to others' feelings about the subject matter.

	 If you would like to spread the REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS echo around, send
Netmail to me, Donna., at 1:114/113.  The host BBS for this echo is CADE
BBS, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

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