Announcing a new gender neutral pronoun!

Announcing a new gender neutral pronoun!

At last a viable solution has been found to reform the gratuitous 
chauvinist sexism speciism and objectism implicit in English pronoun usage!

Announcing the universal pronoun that is gender neutral and can be used
to reference an indefinitely specified person or thing!

This new pronoun is derived from pre-existing pronouns used of both genders 
and entities of non-gender!  This pronoun also fits normal English usage!

The proposal:  Combine the English pronouns She, He, and It into one 
inclusive politically correct universal pronoun as follows:

        it.....   S/h/it!  

So instead of "He went to the market"
           or "She went to the market".  S/h/it would say,
              "S/h/it went to the market!"

This pronoun may also be used with the definite article and as objects of 
sentences.  For example:

      "How are all the little boys and girls?"  could be rendered:
      "How are all the little s/h/its?"

This pronoun could also be used in place of the terms man or woman or
wonmyn as in the following example:

      "Rush is a big man!" could be rendered:
      "Rush is a big S/h/it!"

The possibilities are endless!