MY SISTER DIED THIS MORNING, A poem by Phyllis Tucker

A poem by Phyllis Tucker:


 My sister died this morning,
 My sister ...sparkling eyes, beautiful, warm-loving arms.

 My sister played dolls with me...We had tea -- she and I, and
	 Raquel the dog, and Isis, the cat,
	 although Raquel and Isis didn't much like just sitting there.

 My sister told me about college, her dreams, her ambitions.

 My sister died as the sun shined its rays on the golden tree leaves.
 The dew dripping off the leaves was God crying at the ridiculous      loss.

 Mother and daddy stand holding each other and ... crying,
 I ... I stand along and am angry.

 The only place to go was the horrible back alley,
	 the dirty, disgusting room,
	  the degrading, lecherous attitude.

 My sister died this morning!

 For you, my sister, my voice will never again be silent.
  No one shall ever suffer this hurt ... this pain.

 I love my sister ... My voice will be yours!!