Let's protect the rights of sperms!

It finally happened. The editorial I've been waiting for. This is
from The Denver Post editorial page (reader's section), December 5th

 Let's protect the rights of sperms

I am so disappointed with the Right to Life movement. These
people are much too conservative; they believe life begins at
conception. But does life come from death? No, life comes from
life and they need to show heightened sensitivity to the rights of
eggs and sperms before they get together.

Think of all those cute little sperms, with their little tails and
each with its own personality. They are not all the same; some are
smaller, some are stronger, some are smarter, some are mellower, and
some have longer tails.

However, they have no constitutionally guaranteed legal rights and
no national movements to look after them. They have no lawyers
representing them - apparently not because of a lack of lawyers, but
rather from a lack of our understanding of their individuality and
their difficulty in communicating effectively with us.

Please join us in a national Sperm's Rights Campaign, to redirect
the Right to Life campaign. Each sperm, with its own individual
characteristics, has a right to an egg. They have been dying by the
millions, after short and unfulfilled lives.

We must adjust our society so that each sperm does not have it's
rights violated. This will have some perceptible demographic
effects on society, as the ratio of females to males will have to be
maintained at about 10,000,000 to 1, so family life might have to
change somewhat, but that's a small price to pay for obtaining
justice for all at the beginning of that hallowed and sacred entity:

Join us in this historic moment of the recognition of the true
beginning of human life! (But make sure they are in the correct
proportions, and bring attorneys.)

Payson D. Sheets
Campaign Director
National Sperm's Rights Campaign
Boulder, Nov. 23

(end quote)

I'm not sure whether the operative in this message is "Boulder" or
the author's neglect of the egg's rights. If nothing else, this
proves that a strong point can be made without losing one's sense of
humor. This is the kind of editorial that I welcome during
breakfast. Gives me hope for the day ahead. Comments, anyone?