Women's national strike day!

Just thought I would pass on some information about the National
Womens Strike Day. It is scheduled for August 26, 1993 and it appears
to have come out of a guest column by Nicky Marone, in the New York
Times, August 2, 1992...which talked about the persistent inequality
for women, and makes the statement that:

"I call on the National Council of Churches, teachers associations,
women's organizations, unions, educators, mothers, women in
Washington, movie stars, husbands, fathers, and, yes, even those
rascally Presidential candidates, to support a National Women's
Strike Day on Aug. 26, 1993 -- 73 years to the day that women won
the right to vote. Otherwise, 73 years from now, our daughters will
be wrestling with the same burdens of family, work and money we
wrestle with today."

For further information on this action, write NWSD, 2650 Table Mesa Dr.,
Boulder, CO 80303 or phone 1 - 800 - 262 - 6973

 understand that when the first column appeared in the NYT's they received
8,000 responses. It will be interesting to see if this initiative takes off.
I don't have much more information than that, but thought I would pass it
along in case anyone else on PEN-L knows anything about it.