The following companies support planned parenthood and the right to
choose abortion. Please write to them and thank them for their support.
Special thanks goes to FidoNet's occult network "Christian Distribution
Network" for providing this list.   -- drice   May 31, 1993


Affiliated Publications   Honeywell
Steelcase                 Subaru of America
Alcoa aluminum            Hospital Corp of America
American Express          Johnson & Johnson
Syntex pharmaceuticals    Tandy Radio Shack
Arriscraft                Johnson Controls
Berkshire Hathaway        JP Morgan Guaranty Trust
Times Mirror              US West communications
Berlex Laboratories       Levi Strauss & Co
Bristol-Myers Squibb      Lincoln Electric
Warner-Lambert            Whirlpool appliances
Cargill                   Lincoln National Bank
Chase Manhattan Bank      Lost Arrow clothing
Working Assets            Wyeth
Chemical Banking          Lubrizol
CIGNA insurance           Mead
Citicorp/Citibank         Multimedia Design Group
Corel                     Nationwide Insurance
Cummins Engine            New York Times
Dayton Hudson stores      Northern Trust Bank
Enron oil/gas pipeline    Norwest banking
Esprit                    Organon
First Bank System         Pacific Mutual/Financial
Fortis insurance          Peter Kiewit & Sons
GATX                      Phelps Dodge
General Mills             Pittway
Grand Metropolitan        Prudential insurance


Builders Square (K Mart)  Betty Crocker             ACT dental rinse
Dayton Hudson             Bisquick                  Advanced Care
K Mart (owns Waldenbooks) Bugles snacks             Agree shampoo
Marshall Fields           Cheerios                  Ban anti-perspirant
McDuff Electronics        Clusters cereal           Band Aid strips
Mervyn's (Dayton Hudson)  Cocoa Puffs cereal        Body on Tap shampoo     
Tandy Radio Shack         Fibre One cereal          Bufferin
Target (Dayton Hudson)    General Mills             Caladryl lotion
Waldenbooks               Gold Medal flour          Clairol hair products
                          Gorton frozen fish        Comtrex
RESTAURANTS/HOTELS        Green Giant               Congesprin
Burger King (Grand Met)   Haagen-Daz ice cream      Datril
Holiday Inn               Hamburger Helper          Edge shave cream
Olive Garden (Gen Mills)  Honey Nut Cheerios        E.P.T. pregnancy test
Red Lobster (Gen Mills)   Hungry Jack               Efferdent
                          Jeno's pizza              Excedrin                
GROCERY/CONVENIENCE       Joan of Arc foods         4-Way nasal spray
Circle K                  Kix cereal                Fresh & Dry deodorant
Stop N Go                 Lucky Charms cereal       Hall's cough drops      
                          MicroRave brownies/cakes  Halsa shampoo
CLOTHING                  Nature Valley granola     Imodium AD
Dockers (Levi)            Pillsbury products        Johnson & Johnson
Esprit                    Pop Secret popcorn        Johnson baby products
Levi Strauss              Squeeze It fruit drinks   Keri lotion
Lost Arrow/Patagonia      Suddenly Salad            Listerine/Listermint
                          Totino's pizza            Mineral Ice             
PUBLICATIONS              Total cereal              Micatin foot spray
Family Circle             Triples cereal            Mum deodorant
Field & Stream            Trix cereal               Myadec vitamins
McCall's                  Wheaties                  Nuprin                  
Popular Science           Yoplait yogurt            o.b. pads
World Book encyclopedia                             Off insect spray
                          CANDY/GUM/MINTS           Park Davis drugs
INSURANCE/FINANCIAL       Dentyne gum               Reach toothbrush
American Express          Freshen-Up gum            Rolaids
Chase Manhattan           Suger Daddy/Babies        Schick razor/blades
Citicorp/Citibank         Trident sugarless gum     Sea Breeze
Diner's Club card         Clorets breath mints      Shower to Shower        
National Indemnity        Certs breath mints        Sine Aid
Nationwide insurance                                Sinutab
Prudential insurance      HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS        Soft Sense lotion
                          Drano                     Squibb products
APPLIANCES                Favor polish              Stay Free pads
Kirby vacuums             Future floor wax          Theragram vitamins
KitchenAid                Glade room freshener      Tylenol

Sears Kenmore             Glory rug cleaner         Vitalis grooming
Whirlpool                 Johnson Wax
                          J-Wax                     PET FOOD/SUPPLIES
OPTICAL                   Mr Muscle oven cleaner    Alpo
Acuvue contact lens       Pledge wax                Blue Mountain pet food
Pearl Vision Center       Raid insecticide          Tetra fish food
                          Shout stain remover
                          Step Saver cleaner
                          Vanish toilet cleaner

AMERICAN EXPRESS, James Robinson, Chairman and CEO, American
Express Tower, World Finance Center, New York, NY 10285; 800/528-4800.

BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB, Richard Gelb, Chairman and CEO, 345 Park Ave,
New York, NY 10154; 212/546-4000.

CIRCLE K CORPORATION, Bart A. Brown, Chairman, PO Box 52084, Phoenix,
AZ 85072; 602/253-9600.

DAYTON HUDSON, Kenneth Macke, Chrmn and CEO, 777 Nicollet Mall,
Minneapolis, MN 55402; 612/370-6948.

ESPRIT, Isaac Stein, Chairman, 900 Minnesota St, San Francisco,
CA 94107; 800/777-8765.

GENERAL MILLS, H.B. Atwater Jr, CEO P.O.Box 1113, Minneapolis,
Mn 55440; 800/328-6787.

GRAND METROPOLITAN, Ian Martin,    Chief Executive, Food Sector,
200 S 6th St, Minneapolis, Mn 55402; 800/767-4466.

HOLIDAY INNS, Bryan Langton, Chrmn, 1100 Ashwood Parkway, Suite 200,
Atlanta GA 30338; 800/465-4329.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Ralph Larsen, Chairman, One Johnson & Johnson
Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08933; 201/524-0400.

KMART, Joseph Antonini, Chairman, 3100 W Big Beaver Rd, Troy MI 48084;

LEVI STRAUSS, Robert Haas, Chairman, PO Box 7215, San Francisco,
CA 94111; 800/872-5384.

NATIONWIDE INSURANCE, John Fisher, Chairman and CEO, One Nationwide
Plaza, Columbus, OH 43216.

PRUDENTIAL, Robert Winters, Chairman and CEO, 751 Broad St, Newark,
NJ 07102; 201/877-6000.

S.C.JOHNSON WAX, Samuel Johnson, Chairman, 1525 Howe St, Racine WI
53403; 800/558-5252, 414-631-2000.

STOP N GO, V.H. Van Horn, President, Nat Convenience Stores,
PO Box 758, Houston TX 77001;713/863-2200.

SUBARU, Takeshi Higurashi, CEO, 1800 One Tandy Center, Ft Worth,
TX 76102; 817/390-3700.

TANDY RADIO SHACK, John Roach, CEO, P.O. Box 17180, Fort Worth,
TX 76102; 817/390-3700.

WARNER-LAMBERT, Joseph Williams, Chrmn, 201 Tabor Rd, Morris Plains,
NJ 07950; 201/540-2000.

WHIRLPOOL, David Whitman, Chairman, Administrative Center, Benton
Harbor, MI 49022. 616/926-5000.